Deep Engagement. Driving Your Business.
Entertain, engage, and energize consumers With experiences that tell your brand's story and philanthropical goals.

Crowd-source your corporate philanthropy By empowering consumers do good in their name and in the name of your brand.

Create life-long brand loyalty Today's consumers are smart, informed and connected. Earn their trust.

Consumers Play For Good(s)
Play puzzles and compete and collaborate with your friends!
Help your favorite causes with every game you play!
Win weekly and instant prizes from your passion brands!
Delight your advocates with experiences they love: one spare moment at a time.
Marketers empower Consumers to "Play for Good(s)" while Driving Top Marketing ROI.
Empower them to play for causes that matter to them!
Your viral movement begins by creating your campaign that lets your advocates play to help a cause that matters! This is earned media at its best.
Success for Brands, E-Tailers, Retailers & Causes
Be Where your Customers are: Deploy on any Screen, Any Network.
Your viral movement begins by creating your campaign:

Create Your Campaign
Create native campaign setting your key marketing and sales objectives.

Customize Your Puzzle
Customize puzzles easily and make them yours - Viral impact built in.

Publish Your Campaign
Publish campaign to any screen and platform - Watch "Earned Media" at work.

Drive Top ROI by Doing Good
Optimize results on the fly empowering your customers to "Play for Good".
Manage your campaign in real time
Onor's real time dashboards and optimization wizards help both marketers and causes to measure success and optimize puzzles, prizes and donations on the fly.
Honorable Press
Jacob Jaber
CEO, Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee is all about customer service - one cup at a time! We do this as part of a local community. It is part of Philz Coffee’s DNA and mission to support local causes that matter to our customers and us as a quickly growing company. Onor provides a disruptive digital platform that brings customers from a digital engagement into the store “one spare moment at a time”!
Elina Furman
Chief Marketing Officer, Pley

I wanted my son Julian to spend less time in front of digital screens and more time enriching his mind and creativity with LEGO play; that was why we started Pley as a service. Onor is a fascinating way to engage in high quality skill-based play electronically but point to our off screen service in a natural way. Onor’s mission on integrating “doing well while doing good” is so perfectly aligned with our emerging brand and LEGO – Pley for Good(s).
Chloé Chanudet
VP of Marketing, Adore Me

At Adore Me, the customer truly is a thrill to design for! She’s fashion forward and has a bit of an edge to her. She’s active and dynamic, and expects lingerie that looks great when worn alone or under every lbd, power suit, or yoga pants.She cares about the world and we do too. We are therefore thrilled about the Onor platform which allows as the meaningfully engage existing and new customers driving sales and helping causes that fit with our values and vision.
Brands and Causes on Onor
Our Platform
Onor’s “Play for Good(s)” Marketing Cloud
Customer Acquisition Driven by Deep Engagement.
With Onor’s native PLAY FOR GOOD(S) marketing cloud your brand can activate powerful advocates and their friends/followers through skill-based game play in daily active usage through “spare moments of time”.

Deep engagement by your audience drives awareness, referrals, conversion and customer lifetime value (CLV). The platform is optimized for virality using best practices maximizing the viral coefficient and minimizing cycle time.

Key marketing and sales objectives that the white-label platform drives, are:

Increase Revenue & Margin
· Increase number of New Customers
· Increase purchase frequency of Existing Customers
· Increase basket size of Existing Customers

Reduce Costs
· Reduce costs in Customer Acquisition and Marketing Operations Costs
Onor is
· native (not disruptive)
· earned (not paid)
· builds 1:1 relationships (not simply driving your next transaction)

With those three pillars you earn trust, viral growth and long-term value within your customer portfolio.
Be Where your Customers are - Deployment on any Screen, Any Network.
Onor’s PLAY FOR GOOD(S) platform can be deployed on any screen, form factor and platform. Our SDK can be easily integrated into your brand’s commerce apps across operating systems and on the mobile web. Be where your customers are.
Simple Platform Operations
Onor’s PLAY FOR GOOD(S) platform is simple to deploy and manage for marketers and its agencies so that you can stay focused on strategy and objectives.
Three Great Packages
Puzzles & Games
Custom Notifications
Puzzles & Games
Custom Notifications
Instant Rewards
Tournament Rewards
Puzzles & Games
Custom Notifications
Instant Rewards
Tournament Rewards
Cause Donations
Stay Nimble and Flexible on Strategies That Drive your Short and Long Term Goals
Your marketing and sales objectives vary over time; some are strategic and some are tactical. You can deploy, activate and de-activate Onor’s PLAY FOR GOOD(S) platform modules flexibly according to your objectives, strategy and tactics. Easy experimentation and optimization in real time is part of what makes Onor a great capability for small tests and large-scale campaigns simultaneously throughout the year.
  • puzzles & games
  • instant rewards
  • tournament rewards
  • cause donations
  • custom notifications
You have access to an ever-growing library of game and puzzle templates that are highly popular, easy to engage with and fun to play all the way from “Trivia”, “4 Pic One Word” to the most recent phenomenon “2048”. Onor provides game mechanics that support your brand’s vision, mission and marketing goals. Templates are designed in a way that can be easily branded and personalized with your unique brand content.

Key Benefits:
· Ever growing game and puzzle template library (easily customizable).
· Game mechanic best practices built in (viral features, leaderboards, etc.).
· Live custom image feed (both CSS and networks).
· Can be branded easily according to your design guidelines and brand identity.
· Multi-screen, playable everywhere, anytime.
You can make available any number of instant prizes (right after game play, dependent on performance) to consumers as rewards to choose from. You can drive any objectives with this reward type all the way from awareness building to conversion and loyalty. For examples:

Real prize shipped or picked up in store: Win new edition Mascara valued at $5, $15, $25 and $50 if you reach certain performance level in game.
Real prize % off next purchase: Win 10%, 15% or 25% off next purchase with 1:1 conversion code assignment and link to shopping cart
Any other ideas of your choice; test and measure results…

Key Benefits:
· Unlimited number of real and/or virtual rewards of any kind can be managed and tested in real time (from real products to gift cards to 1:1 rewards related to purchases).
· Instant rewards right after game play lead to instant gratification for user.
· Instant rewards can be gifted or donated.
· Real time analytics to test effectiveness and efficiency.
· Redemption features for ecommerce and physical stores including passbook and other redemption methods.
· Auto-presentation of instant rewards dependent on audience targeting and data-science in order to drive unit economics and ROI objectives.
You can make available any type of recurring tournaments (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) and make available any number and type of prizes for consumers to choose from. Depending on your industry and marketing ROI goals you can make the winning performance level more or less exclusive. Similar to “instant rewards”, you can drive any objectives with this reward type all the way from awareness building to conversion and loyalty.

Key Benefits:
· Flexible set of recurring or one-time tournaments available for real or virtual rewards incentives.
· Advance scheduling and programming of tournaments.
· Tournament rewards can be gifted or donated.
· Real time analytics to test effectiveness and efficiency.
· Auto-presentation of tournament rewards dependent on audience targeting and data-science in order to drive unit economics and ROI objectives.
Dependent on your marketing goals, you can commit a micro-donation for each activity (i.e. $0.20 for each game played) to a set of causes that matter to your brand and your audience. By giving the user choices among multiple cause organizations you empower the consumer to do good in a new way. The consumer both competes and collaborates with other players to complete larger giving projects in your brand’s name driving virality. Onor constantly brings more cause organizations onto the platform for you to choose from and we also line up new organizations depending on your needs. Read more about market trends here

Key Benefits:
· Empower your advocates, customers and prospects to micro fund-raise for Causes your audience and your brand care about most (Consumer driven fund raising for causes that matter, sponsored by brands).
· Support any number of associated cause organizations (Cause organizations approve brand and commercial partners).
· Learn about what your prospects and customers really care about beyond your product. Learn from your prospects and customers who they chose to support.
· Supplement your already running Impact Marketing programs with an innovative and new approach to micro-fundraising empowered by consumers.
· Real time analytics to test effectiveness and efficiency.
· Have an impact beyond Top Marketing ROI – Do Good.
Custom and branded notifications on mobile, networks and email are important elements to your earned media success on Onor. The platform allows you to leverage best practices and swiftly custom design, deploy and test your notification approach across multiple platforms and form factors.

Key Benefits:
· Custom and branded notifications and call to actions on mobile, networks and email.
· Peer-to-Peer (P2P) notifications and Machine-to-Peer (M2P) notifications library for testing and scale
· Creative templates for notifications
· Mass personalization of notifications at scale
Modules and Campaign Scenarios Overview
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About Us
Doing Well While Doing Good
We aspire to do well for all our stakeholders. We love our users, customers, cause organizations, partners, investors and Onor community. We appreciate that "doing well" is only possible through the contribution of many people every day: one idea and one action at a time. We are aggressive in driving high performance as "doing well" does not come for free. We assume that everybody wants to do well as doing well feels good and allows all of us to thrive.
Doing Well While Doing Good
Happiness is a journey not a destination. Having fun while keeping each other accountable is important for reaching goals with pride and dignity. We want to enjoy the journey with everyone involved. While we believe this is important for us as a team, our goal is to create experiences and products for our users, customers, cause organizations and partners that believe in this mission as well. We build products that inject meaning into things we already do.
Doing Well While Doing Good
We strive to help causes succeed in a natural, fun and native way. We make "Giving" enjoyable in a collaborative and competitive manner that is a winning proposition for all: Consumers, Marketers and Causes. Because if we do, the thought and action of making the world a better place becomes something we engage in every day, even during our spare moments of time. Meaning brings relevance and relevance is what gets attention and eventually leads to change.
Why are we in Business?
The past was about push advertising that interrupted our experiences and annoyed us. Then, along came interactive advertising that fostered engagement and started to be more fun. Now, it’s native marketing that we see as the future, building 1:1 relationships with genuine meaning.

With native marketing, advocates can unleash an immense viral impact on your brand’s awareness and sales. Along with today's consumer behaviors and technologies, it’s now possible to drive reach and frequency in a completely new and disruptive way.

We believe that superior returns can be achieved through consumer empowered marketing tied to purpose in a genuine way. We believe these native experiences will make consumers happy (doing well), yield top marketing ROI for marketers (also doing well), while driving material social impact (doing good!). We want to prove that "Doing Well while Doing Good" can work with a significant upside for everyone.

We are a passionate team of technologists, designers, marketers and data geeks. We aim to change the world for the better, and we invite YOU to help us do it! Join us!
Why Now?
Today's consumers are smart, informed and connected. They care about the world. They want to be heard and respected. They have ideas and knowledge about what is right and what is wrong.

Today's consumers get informed in "spare moments of time" through a few characters and images. They are playful, they love to experiment and they respond if they agree and if they disagree.

Relevance is more than just the next great product or brand. Consumers are interested in how products are created and the values that surround them. As designer Christopher Bailey stated nicely: "People want the soul in things".

Onor’s native digital marketing platform creates delighted users and consumers, drives top marketing ROI while making the world a better place.

Relevance comes through Purpose and Meaning. You, as brands, retailers, publishers, cause organizations and game developers can help create the next wave of marketing. Join us!
“People want the Soul In Things - We set out on the vision to create a new marketing wave empowering consumers, brands and causes to collaborate in a new way that allows all participants to succeed by the idea of "doing well while doing good"

Philipp Stauffer, Onor Inc.
Our Team
Philipp Stauffer
Founder & CEO
Piyush Shah
Founder & CTO
Devi Ramanan
Chair Causes
Lorea Sinclaire
Experience Designer
Joanna Drake Earl
Advisory Board
Brett Hurt
Founder & CEO at Coremetrics and Bazaarvoice
Advisory Board
Rajeev Goel
Founder & CEO at Pubmatic
Advisory Board
Prof. David Reibstein
Professor of Marketing, Wharton
Advisory Board
Julie Allegro
Managing Director, Founder at Allegro Venture Partners
Advisory Board
Prof. Deva Ramanan
Professor of Computer Science, UC Irvine
Advisory Board
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We are actively looking for top engineers, data scientists, and quantitative marketers. Tell us what you bring to the table, what you like about Onor and what you want to achieve in the next few years. We can't wait to hear from you.
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